High rise, warehouse and commercial buildings will presumably have a fire pump installed at time of construction. The fire pump is one of the main components of your fire protection system. As a property owner, it is best that you understand the importance of keeping your fire safety systems inspected on a regular, consistent basis to ensure they will be in working order. 

The fire pump provides increased pressure that is able to push the water through all piping and sprinkler heads in your system – something the pressure from the city water service is unable to provide. 

A fire pump is operated by electric power or diesel fuel. No matter the type – the pump will be activated automatically if water pressure drops below the threshold. 

Many factors are taken into account during a 5 year fire sprinkler inspection & certification. When it comes to the fire pump and any underlying problems it may have, the detection of obstructed pipes can be fatal for your fire protection system. Unfortunately – waste, residue and bacterial breakdown of these objects in your system’s pipes can cause a mass buildup which blocks your pipes and fire sprinkler heads. These clogs will render certain areas of your fire sprinkler system unreliable and even worse, they can cause your fire pump to overheat and be met with disaster – costly repairs. 

Guard Fire Protection is one of the top fire sprinkler inspection companies in Southern California. We are able to help keep you on schedule with your inspections, giving you one less thing to worry about. Our expert crews will conduct thorough inspections and suggest any proactive maintenance suggestions that may be needed. 

We are fully licensed, bonded, insured and come with a wealth of experience on all fire protection systems. We perform all inspections in accordance with NFPA 25 standards. We serve Los Angeles, Orange County, and the rest of the greater southern california area.